Slam that old Chevy into fourth gear and push your hi-heel into that 4 barrel carb . Watch your gas gauge move under the weight of that big V-8. That aint gasoline sister, that's liquid love. Nobody cares but your momma, and sometimes you wonder about her. If you hadn't loved that no good man, you never would have gone wrong. Well now there's a voodoo doll wearing a piece of his hair, and it's hanging from your rear-view mirror. The car wont go much faster than it is now. Nothing left to do but pop that Bad Checks tape in, turn it up, and head south. Thank you Robert Mitchum, thank you Bettie Page, thank you Leo Fender, thank you Detroit.


 High Dollar CD

Big Black Cat

Good to the Last Drop

Suicide Generation

Who are The Bad Checks?

Sleazefest review including the Bad Checks

RealAudio! Click to hear "Undertow" off this CD.

"High Dollar"
Daisy Milford (Rock and Roll Truckstop Magazine)

Damn good band, that's what these Bad Check boys are. Let me give you the setting..... Ok, you’re in a convenience store... let's say somewhere down south, the hottest fuckin chick in the world walks in with her boyfriend (who is clad in a leather jacket - complete with Dead Boys, Misfits and Other punk rock pins lining the lapels; torn jeans and a Motorhead shirt). She jumps over the counter and with a gun pointed at his head demands money from the cashier. While she stuffs the money into her thong underwear, her boyfriend heads straight for you, yanks your head backwards and slits your throat before you even scream. If you were still alive you would hear this tape playing in the car as they fucked before driving off to the HANK III show. What a great fuckin band, they kinda give me the willies though.

yep roc/REDEYE Press Release

Bad Checks, High Dollar
Jan. 27 - yep roc 2006 UPC 63357 20062 3
CD YEP 2006 8.90/13.99

The Bad Checks intensify and mark their original brand of Southern Punkadellic and Voodoobilly rock with a new album. Since the early 80's these guys have brought to the east coast and to Europe a level of rock that is unparalleled. It shocked the walls of Yellow Recording Studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina when they recorded with Byron Settle and Mike Beard late last year. Three of the tunes on the album were released on a single last year.

Bad Checks: Hunter Landen v, Robin Mann g, Cliff Mann b, Congo Garr *d

Reading through radio lists and press clippings from the Bad Checks album releases, (Action Music label-French `85 & `86), you probably couldn't think of better bands to be compared to than the names that pop up: Gun Club, early Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, and the Cramps. The Bad Checks were at the top of radio play lists over Replacements' Tim, The Pogues' Sally Maclennane, Dinosaur Dinosaur, and Alex Chilton.

High Dollar has all that and more.

You will see the crazy stage antics of Hunter "Crash" Landen and the Bad Checks performing in the clubs. Go. Go rock.

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