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This is issue #7 of Modern World Magazine. What happened to issues 1-6 you're probably asking yourself right now? Well, it's like this; they were published in small numbers about 18 years ago in the print media, precisely xerox. The purpose, then and now, is to provide a space for my ramblings and opinions about any subject of interest to me. The primary focus was on the "punk scene", local North Carolina bands doing something interesting and national bands playing in the area.

I enjoy listening to music and I enjoy writing about it (plug! plug! for all you publishers and editors out there). One of the functions of this page is to inform you of bands I find worthy. I spend a lot of time seeking out pop and rock bands and from time to time I find some hot rocking groups. I find a lot of awful stuff too but we won't discuss that further. I will be doing live, CD and demo reviews, new ones each update, which I hope will be monthly; just like a real magazine. I will also be posting material from the Modern World archive. I hope you will give me your input at
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